We believe providing schools with a comprehensive wellbeing solution is critical in building high performance.


Our curriculum has been designed using the Learn, Live, Lead principle:

  • Learn the key concepts through education.

  • Live the concepts by putting them into practice in everyday life.

  • Lead by example and explain to others.

Complete Wellbeing Curriculum

Based on the PERMAH wellbeing frameworks and incorporates CASEL principles of social and emotional learning.

Lesson plans & resource

  * Detailed learning pathways for all primary levels.
  * Aligned to Australian Curriculum and IB program.

Communication guides.

Comprehensive resources for students, teachers & parents.

Teacher wellbeing tracking 

Teachers have access to a complete wellbeing solution.

What’s Included?

 * Topic overview and research background.
 * Purpose & ‘Did you know’ section.
 * Teaching tips & differentiation ideas
 * Engaging lessons based on the Learn, Live, Lead model
 * Coaching questions, reflection & further action tips.
 * Teacher resources
 * Parent update and home tips and Email Templates

Learning Pathways


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