Readiness Partner - UnlimitU

We exist to help people thrive

Enabling high performance is our passion. We support people to achieve career-life success, personal and leadership development, and positive mental wellbeing. We partner with organisations, government, schools and elite sports clubs to unlock people’s potential, and boost individuals, teams and organisations success and happiness.
Our focus is inclusion, leadership and wellbeing.
We are human. Always real, authentic, and high energy. We help people to thrive.
We specialise in coaching, group workshop programs and event speaking for leaders, teams and individuals.
Our programs are always grounded in science. We combine neuroscience, positive and cognitive psychology, and performance science. We bring real lived experience, providing people with practical everyday strategies to motivate positive behaviour change, that sticks.
“We all have limitless potential, hidden, held back, or in the making” – Poppy Griffiths, Director & Founder
Poppy is a professional coach and speaker on high performance. Always bringing energy, authentic warmth and humour, Poppy prides herself on building exceptional relationships that support people and organisations to thrive. She uniquely combines 15 years business experience working in senior roles in global businesses, and a decade of leadership and advocacy in preventative mental health. She holds qualifications in psychology, business management and is a certified neuroscience trained coach.


Poppy Griffiths, Director & Founder
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